Adult Classs

Experience the Culture, Elevate your body and mind!

Saturday morning Adult Class :

Calligraphy Class           10:00 – 11:00 Cafeteria 30 weeks $230

Instructor: Simon Chen

Experience the fun with Chinese calligraphy. Learn the skills and techniques of the ancient art. Establish inner peace and calm through practices. Focus on Kai script teaching.

Yang Style Tai Chi          9:30 – 11:00 Outside of Cafeteria 30 weeks, Free

Instructor: Chung (Dick) Ho

Teach and practice Yang Style Tai Chi which was pass down 150 years from Master Yang. Including traditional style eighty-five moves (also known as 105 moves). Focus on correct postures, breathing and concentration, improve agility and health.

Chess                        9:30 – 11:00          Cafeteria          30 weeks, Free

Instructor: Frank O. Duane

Frank has taught Chess at YMCA, PVE Library, Chinese School at PVE, BOL church this past 11 years. Frank holds three (3) Master Degrees in Engineering and is a home schooled Chess Coach.

 • Introduction of Chess history, from Chinese chess to International chess.

 • Chess openings, at least six (6) openings will be covered.

 • Middle game strategy and tactics. 

 • End game structures for checkmate.