Help TCS reach our GOAL of 200K points by 8/31/19!

A New Year Has Begun!  Don't forget to update the GRADE you are supporting!  Let’s work together to meet/beat our GOAL of 200K pts this fundraising year!  Thank you all for your support and continuous efforts!

Shoparoo is the free app that turns pictures of your receipts into cash donations for TCS! There is no cost to you! We invite all TCS parents, alumni and friend/family to sign up on Shoparoo and support TCS Fundraising. 

Use the code DRAZ9374 when you join Shoparoo to earn an extra cash donation for TCS when you submit your first receipt! 2018-2019 Fundraising runs from 9/1/18 to 8/31/19.

Please don't forget to upload your receipts within 14 days to have it count. For the  TOP GRADE with the most points by the end of 5/31/18, a special treat will be given to the entire classroom. This way our students will also benefit from their parents’ effort!