PSA President 李敏懿 Mani Lei

Dear Friends of the Torrance Chinese School,

Torrance Chinese School relies heavily on the participation and support of its parent community, as it is a non-profit organization. The Parent Service Association (also known as PSA) is established to organize and schedule our volunteers to help out in all aspects of our school’s operations.

Specifically, PSA sets up a desk weekly during school hours to assist parents with any issue that they may encounter. PSA also answers parents’ questions about scheduling, changing, or signing up for volunteer work. We make sure that our large pool of parent volunteers are effectively channeled into either assisting in the classrooms, planning for the school activities, or taking on some responsibilities in the administrative areas of our school.

Below are a few of our major annual activities:

  • Chinese New Year’s Talent Show
  • Track and Field Day
  • Mother's Day Carnival
  • Memorial Day Weekend Camping Trip

Through the various volunteer opportunities, we hope the parents share some of their children’s experiences and memories at this Chinese school. We also hope the students and parents will become more involved in ways that they see fit to build our school. Last, but not least, teamwork is essential in making the events successful and fun for all involved. Our school needs everyone’s participation and involvement.

PSA’s goal has always been to help create an enriched Chinese learning environment for our children. We contribute our time and do what we can to continue building this great school, which has been serving its communities for nearly 30 years.

We look forward to having you join our spirited and energetic team!

PSA Members

雷琼 Qiong Lei

孙鹏纬 Pengwei Sun