09/11 First day of school

by 校長 羅蔭葉 Principal Lo Posted on Thursday, September 9, 2021 10:05 PM

Week 1 09/11

Fall Semester Starts
2021-2022 Registration
        Welcome everyone for coming back to school, please read through our COVID guidelines.
On Friday, please fill out the COVID health screening form 24 hours within the school day. 
Please bring your own school supplies and drinking water. 
We will be measuring body temperature at the school's main entrance,
please keep proper social distance and make sure the mask is on at all times. 

If a student feels unwell in the middle of the class, our PSA member will take him/her to class 4141 to wait for parent pick up. 
Student parent, if you receive notice from our staff, please come and pick up your child as soon as possible. 

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